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Helping a child cope with and overcome depression

Children, like adults, are going to experience emotions that are triggered by experiences, the environment they dwell in and the way they are treated and perceive their worth. However, because children are still learning to verbalize their feelings and communicate their emotions, understanding their needs can be uniquely difficult. For parents in California who are concerned about the possibility of their child being depressed, having an idea of how they can support their child is critical to their ability to facilitate their child's healing and recovery. 

Perhaps the most important fact to note is that just because a child is experiencing sadness or anger, does not automatically qualify him or her as being depressed. However, persistent and strong emotions that do not seem to let up and are beginning to affect how a child interacts with people, respond to affection and communicates could be indicative of depression. Parents seeking answers may consider visiting their child's pediatrician for an actual diagnosis, as well as insight into their treatment options. 

According to psycom.net, the symptoms of depression in a child could range from relentless fatigue and difficulty relaxing or sleeping to much more severe exhibitions including significant fluctuations in his or her weight or suicidal thoughts. If a child has suddenly seemed disinterested or upset when confronted with activities that were previously enjoyed, parents may want to seek professional help. 

Healthychildren.org suggests that parents consider enlisting professional help from therapists or social workers in helping their child to learn coping mechanisms that allow emotions to be processed safely and effectively. During treatment, parents should do what is necessary to protect their child and reduce triggers that cause stress or anxiety. 

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