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Applying for SSD benefits due to diabetes

Our Los Angeles readers know that there is a wide variety of illnesses and injuries that could result in eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits. Diseases may develop from work-related illnesses, occupational hazards may lead to serious injuries or any number of other circumstances may pop up that leave a Los Angeles resident unable to work. For millions of Americans, their daily battle is with diabetes.

Qualifying for SSD benefits for this condition, however, can be tricky. There are different types of diabetes and the condition impacts people differently. There are examples, for instance, of famous athletes who are able to compete on the highest levels despite being diagnosed with diabetes. Indeed, in many cases this condition can be treated, and a normal work-life balance can be maintained.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes. Many people will develop severe complications due to this condition, including impaired vision, overall weakness and lack of energy and nerve pain. For these individuals, a day may come when they realize they are no longer capable of doing the job they have done for years.

At our law firm, we work with clients who have diabetes to make sure that their initial application for Social Security Disability benefits provides a detailed overview of how the disease impacts their daily life. It is not enough to be diagnosed with diabetes to qualify for SSD benefits -- the application must show that the condition has truly progressed to the point of "disability." For more information, please visit the diabetes claim section of our website.

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