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April 2014 Archives

SSDI fast-track list now includes prostate cancer

The Social Security Administration is not a bureaucracy without any heart. It may not always seem that way considering how often individuals who are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits wind up being denied their claim and have to go through the arduous appeals process. The agency makes an effort to suggest that the process is as easy as filing forms online, but it's also wise to have the help of an experienced attorney.

Have numbers on Social Security disability hit their peak?

Is there anyone in California or anywhere else in the country that is unaware of the concerns about the viability of the Social Security Disability Insurance program? We suspect that if there are, they are surely in the minority.

Giving the speechless a voice with the gaze of an eye

One of the challenges many persons with long-term or permanent disability in California face is achieving or recovering a level of function that allows them to live as fulfilling a life as possible.

Survey says: Concern about vaccine-autism links remains high

Awareness of an issue does not always translate into great depth of knowledge. Heck, it's almost impossible achieve depth of knowledge because the volume of information being funneled at us moment to moment is overwhelming. That's why so much emphasis is placed on finding resources that can be trusted these days. Hopefully this blog serves that purpose for you.

Doctors urged to do more to ID causes of newborn brain injury

What causes brain injury in newborns? That's a question that doctors are being challenged to answer by a couple of leading U.S. obstetrician and pediatric professional groups.

Disabled woman denied flight sparks complaint against TSA

Living with a disability is something most of us really can't identify with. Most of us have never been confronted with the challenges that disabling conditions thrust on those who suffer from them.

SSDI by the numbers can lead to frustrating red tape

There was a TV show called "The Prisoner" back in the 1960s. One of the key themes of the show was that everyone in "The Village" had a number -- something the title character, Number 6, refused to accept. At the opening of each episode, the prisoner declared, "I am not a number, I am a free man."

Study reveals long-term benefits of surgery in fighting diabetes

Diabetes is one of those conditions that challenges the medical profession. The dangers of the condition are well known and can be so detrimental that in the most severe cases it can leave a person disabled and possibly eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Hopes high for Baylor rebound from disabling bone break

It is an unsettling way to start the season: Los Angeles Angels hitting coach Don Baylor breaking his leg while trying to catch the Opening Day, ceremonial first pitch.

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