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March 2014 Archives

28 students injured in Anaheim school stage collapse

Twenty eight girls may be counting their blessings after a stage collapsed beneath them. They are certainly counting their injuries. According to one source, it's a wonder none of them were killed.

Study: Many disabled students at risk due to school suspensions

Individuals dealing with some form of physical or mental disability face a lot of challenges in day to day life. That's one reason why Social Security disability benefits are available to those who are eligible for them, and why so many choose to press their claims with the help of an attorney when benefits are denied. Those benefits represent a significant lifeline for many in California.

Disability applicant rules would stiffen under new SSA proposal

"In the interest of full disclosure" is a phrase that gets used sometimes by news outlets. It often gets employed when someone is worried that a story or an observation being made about someone with whom they have a known connection might be questioned by a suspicion of a conflict of interest.

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